5 Point of Sales Systems Your Business should be Taking Advantage Of!

Point of sales systems have exceedingly advanced over some years as multiple vendors have introduced top-notch technologies in the market. Nowadays, POS system isn’t just about monitoring cash flow but is a complete solution to analyze real-time data of the customers. Credible POS systems are bound to be user-friendly, affordable and rich in features. There are a few Point of Sales systems that have caught the limelight due to their extensive customization options, features and customer support.


Shopify offers a tremendous experience with their Point of Sale system and is especially suited for small businesses. The software allows your phone or tablet to turn into a smart POS gadget. You can integrate better hardware as your business expands and perform an exclusive customer experience. The digital storefront and add-on apps allow the business owner to kick start their business online. With online extension, a business is able to expand its customer base and generate more revenue while doing so.

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Listed as one of the best POS systems in 2017, Vend is a complete package for all small business owners. With its cloud based structure, you can have a centralized database that can be accessed from anywhere around the globe. The software is really cost-effective as one doesn’t need to spend anything on maintenance and up gradation. It provides tools for effective monitoring of inventory and generating reports. Vend offers 24/7 customer support, which is crucial for any business.


 Square provides effective integration with IOS devices allowing a solid payment processing solution. It provides extensive security features and is quite cost-effective. The software offers features including time tracking and payroll. As your business expands, you are liable to lower rates that increase your profit margins drastically. Square scales up with your business catering to all your specific needs at a given time according to the scalability of your venture.


Stripe is undoubtedly a classic POS system designed to have a clean interface and quality customer support. It covers debit and credit cards and charge reasonable fee for their service. It offers you the opportunity to integrate with your own software as well. Stripe is a customer eccentric solution that provides extensive features for customizability.

Lastly, choosing the right POS system depends upon your business requirements. There aren’t any perfect POS solutions therefore get the appropriate knowledge and choose accordingly.

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