Best Point of Sale System for Small Businesses

Choosing the right POS system for your business can be overwhelming as POS system tends to be the backbone behind any successful business’s cash flow. POS systems have evolved from the traditional ones to iPad POS systems therefore the choices have increased dramatically. With multiple companies claiming to offer different features, making the right choice can be difficult for any business person.

Generally, when you scout for a particular POS system look for a solution that if user-friendly, affordable and offer multiple features. Inventory management, staff management, task automation and marketing tools are some aspects any credible POS system should have. The company should offer full customer support and provide dedicated solutions for your business so you can increase your revenue.

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Vend System

Vend tends to provide a through solution for its clients beyond normal processing of transactions. The system is compatible with various industries and anyone can purchase a dedicated solution for their particular business. The friendly interface coupled with minimal user input allows it to be the perfect solution for small businesses.


A cloud based POS system that is specifically built for usage on iPad. It offers different business management tools and come with advanced features such as ecommerce integration, mobile payments and customizability. The solution is appropriately priced and its customer support is available 24/7 to help you with your business issues.


TouchBistro is a dedicated solution specifically designed to cater to the needs of restaurants. It is compatible with all sorts of restaurants, ranging from fine dining to pubs, cafes or food trucks. It can also be used on iPad making the solution widely generic and offering flexibility. The solution provides email support, numerous video tutorial and trainings without charging any extra fee.


If you run a retail business then undoubtedly ShopKeep is the POS system that will offer you various time-saving features and grow your business extensively. The system is nominally charged and comes with a range of tools and customization options. The company has a drastic support network for their customers that include forums, live chat, social media support and much more.

All these systems are currently deployed in various small business and a through customer survey was conducted to formulate this list. Each vendor’s website was browsed and their demos and guides were thoroughly read to narrow down our list to the above four POS systems.